FAQ – Schools and Organizations

I have a group with unusual or specific areas of focus. Can you accommodate us?

Canadian International Services takes a tailored approach to all its programs, meaning that we can accommodate a wide range of client interests, needs, and areas of study. Send us a description of your areas of focus or study and let’s discuss!

My group consists of adults, not teenagers. Do you run programs for adults?

Yes, our programs can be designed for a wide range of age groups, from young teenagers to seniors. Tell us more about your group and we can help design a program that is right for you.

My group does not want to stay with homestay families. Is there another option?

Dormitory options are available for all our programs. While the cost involved is higher (and more chaperones are needed for teenage groups), dormitories can be used to suit certain groups’ needs. Our programs in Niagara and Calgary both have access to clean, safe and accessible dormitory accommodation. Hotel options are also available for small groups, or groups that are traveling during the program.

Can we have a side trip to Vancouver, Montreal, or another destination?

Guided side trips are possible, and can be designed to fit within the overall area of focus or study of your group. For example, while our Calgary program offers day trips to Banff, a longer side trip can be planned to study the tourism industry there. Other side trips to major centres – such as Vancouver or Montreal – can also be accommodated.

How far in advance do we have to design and book the program?

For a new client, it is recommended to begin planning approximately six months before the desired program start date, particularly if homestay placements are involved. However, some kinds of programs can be organized on shorter notice.

Does your program use qualified teachers?

All programs and projects offered by Canadian International Services are staffed by well-qualified and experienced educators who are specialists in various fields, such as English as a Second Language (ESL), curriculum development, and school leadership. We can also arrange workshops or meetings with experts in your particular area of focus or study.

Will my group be met on arrival?

A Canadian International Services representative will be closely involved with your program from start to finish. We will be at the airport to greet your group on arrival, will monitor the program’s progress throughout your stay in Canada, and then will return with you to the airport to see you off.

How much will my program cost?

All budgets are developed based on the specific parameters of each individual program. Once we know your interests, we will work to build a schedule with you and provide a budget on that basis. We strive to keep costs reasonable. Budgets are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, all activities and excursions, instruction, one chaperone per group, and all applicable Canadian taxes. The only additional cost to program participants is personal spending money to cover any incidentals outside the program, such as activities on the weekend. Budgets are presented on a per person basis, and are more economical with larger groups.

When is payment due?

Payment in full is due no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program.

What happens if a participant cancels?

Each program has different cancellation policies based on the individual schedule. Generally, there is a modest non-refundable amount ranging from Canadian $200 to $500 per person for cancellations. If the cancellation is within 2 weeks of the program start date, cancellation fees may be higher.

What happens if a participant becomes ill or has an accident during the program?

With small classes, teacher supervised excursions, and warm and welcoming host families, our program participants’ safety and health is always of utmost importance. In the unlikely event of illness or accident, the program locations are well-served by excellent health clinics and hospitals that provide first class care. All program participants are required to come to Canada with proper health insurance from their home country so there is no concern about doctors’ fees or other bills for emergency services.

“I really enjoy the experiences gained in working within the CIS program. The students we teach expand our understandings of our own pedagogy, in working with a cultural background so distinct from our own."

Ron Kitcher

“The program offers students an unforgettable opportunity to see a different part of the world, while developing their English language skills, as they experience Canadian culture through classroom activities, excursions, and interactions with their homestay families.”

Jeremy Thorpe

"It is very rewarding for me, as an educator, to witness the growth in the students’ language skills over a short intensive period of time. The base of vocabulary they arrive to Canada with serves as a good testament to their English training in their own school system."

Ron Kitcher

"I think the activities that are embedded within the program provide the students a solid means of showing much of the Canadian lifestyle, in terms of day-to-day recreation, but also other features that require the use of larger spaces, that are not as prevalent in their home country. These, in combination with the homestay experiences and dietary differences from home, provide the students with a truly well rounded experience."

Ron Kitcher