img_4496-webIt is with great excitement that I am taking on the Director role for Canadian International Services. I have had the best possible mentor over many years: my father, Dennis Malone, who is the founding Director of CIS and continues to be the company’s most important advisor.

From the time I was a child, what I remember most about seeing my Dad at work was the way he listened – to clients, to homestays, or to simply anyone to whom he was speaking. His focus and his genuine interest in people made an impression on me, and has been the best example for me to follow. In the course of my graduate studies, I would come to learn about “active listening,” a skill that my father practices as a natural! His endless patience and dogged problem-solving has unquestionably influenced my own career path.

This is a time of transition for both of us: for my father as he hands over the legacy of his years of investment and entrepreneurship, and for me as I take over the reins. It is a challenge that will combine my interests and experience in international exchange, program management, education and youth development.

You are looking at one of the first steps I have taken as the new Director: launching this super new website. We will have some fun features, including class blogs written by students in the Niagara homestay program, and many resources both for students and homestays.

We will continue to offer Canadian International Services’ great programs and explore new directions. I’m particularly excited about developing our Calgary programs, and showcasing the incredible opportunities for adventure and learning in the Canadian Rockies. I encourage you to read more about the wide variety of programs and services that we have to offer.

As Canadian International Services enters this new phase of leadership, I am grateful that my father is contributing his guidance, advice and support. We will continue to benefit from his wisdom and experience, and he will (eventually) enjoy a real retirement!

Colleen Malone